Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Back Cover Thoughts : Sorting Out Sid

What do you guys think? It's just one of the first drafts, really. But still.

''Siddharth Agarwal a.k.a. Sid looks all set in life - after all, he's been married for a good long ten years, has a bunch of close friends...and plus,he's slated to become the youngest VP in his company at the tender age of 36. 

Except that he's really just in denial about the fact that his life is slowly falling apart - with his marriage on the rocks, parents who treat him as if he's still twelve years old, his overly-interfering and backstabbing best friends, apart from the HR vixen and the obnoxious boss in that office which sells ... wait for it ... Toilet Cleaners. 

When lovely, pocket-sized, spunky single mom Neha materializes into his life, it appears that there's some hope. It's just the calm before the storm. 

Who said it would be easy Sorting Out Sid? 

A funny, quirky novel set in contemporary urban India , about a man who's still a boy at heart - and whom it's easier to love than to like. This story will have you laughing out loud even as you find yourself relating to Sid and the various colourful characters in his life.''


  1. It looks quite interesting...Looking forward to your new book :-)

  2. Its nice ..though the last paragraph could be bettered..The story will have you laughing out loud and i will relate myself to sid .that is okay but is that the only take away?
    The line- " who said it would be easy sorting out Sid " creates quite a bit of drama and curiosity .But the summary para just below can be taken a notch higher to make reading the book sound more compelling. Just a personal opinion though.

  3. Looking forward to it! The premise seems interesting and something that I can so relate to - these characters live among us, don't they? :)

  4. Looks interesting... Will definately give it a try..!!

  5. The Toilet Cleaner bit promises to be extremely hilarious and provide for a lot of comic relief considering the way you write :D Looking forward to this :)

  6. Sounds like a funny read. I would (and will) but it.

  7. " and plus" - Right English use? Am not sure.
    The plot sounds pretty common - extra marital affair & probably getting back to original having bitten the bait!

    Personally speaking, the premise didnt excite me greatly. Possibly because polygamous subjects as this are age old plots that stirs excitement but eventually leads towards almost the same outcome.
    I was looking at a novelty factor - freshness of sorts!
    But then, I am not your audience maybe.

    Hope you did not take an offence to that.

    Good Luck & Good Wishes

  8. Looking forward to it.. if its half good as some of your funny posts in the last year, we would all be laughing our asses off... again...

  9. Sounds interesting and fun..will be looking forward to it. Btw, what you mean by pocket sized? lol! that's a new term I came across..

  10. Sounds intriguing... love the "whom it's easier to love than to like" line. All the best!


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