Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Our First Little Duet

Peanut has been learning the piano since February and she made such good progress that we went in for a Kawai Digital Piano at the recent Monsoon Sale.

In a bid to keep her interested, I looked through one piece called 'Sunshine' and tried to figure it out so that we could play a duet. Here's the result. 

Obviously, she's already way ahead of me, but I hope to be able to at least scratch the surface of reading music just so we can do a few more of these before she takes off to a level that's unfathomable for me. 

In the meantime, here's a short clip taken by Vijay of our first- and hopefully not our last - duet. 



  1. Such a joy to see and hear this! Lovely! Wishing you booth many more happy, harmonious duets...

  2. Oh that's so lovely :-) Here's to loads of duets... and er.. choruses (hoping that the other 2 join in) :-)

  3. That's so sweet! Felt good to hear you both play together!


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