Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Welcome (New) Home

Things have been really busy with the house-moving in the last week or so - but it took us all of two days in total to actually move everything down from the third floor to the ground floor of the same building.

It's quite amazing how things turn out - we were initially all bothered about having to move out of the lovely complex where we're staying ( we had just moved from a 2-bedroom home to a 3-bedroom one earlier this year, end January) - but this new place has worked out better for a variety of reasons. One is that staying on the ground floor is that much more convenient when you have three small kids and an aged parent staying with you; we've also had the chance to throw out some stuff and do this place up pretty nicely, getting the walls of each room painted differently ( Kid's room in Candy Pink, our bedroom in Lavender, and Papaji's in a soothing Aqua Mint, Drawing Room in cozy Jamaican Orange - yes this is a combination you'll never see anywhere else). I've also got the most beautiful bookshelf ( well, it's a nice-ish bookshelf with my beautiful books) in the living room. But most importantly:

The kids can drop whatever they want, wear my high heels, create the ruckus that kids are supposed to create - and no one shouts at them anymore for fear of the neighbours being disturbed! Yesss!

So anyway, that's pretty much been the highlight of the last couple of weeks. Am having some trouble finishing the last three chapters of the second book, but hopefully a call with my Editor tonight should help. The twins are unwell again, and I had to take them to the doctor today - but hopefully things will settle down soon. Oh heck, let's admit it, things are never going to really settle down - once the kids are grown and have flown the rest, maybe, but until then, this is how things are going to be!

In the meantime, we're welcoming ourselves to our new home. And just because I haven't ever loved a piece of furniture as much as this, here it is:


  1. Bookshelf <3 :D

    Congratulations for the new home :)

  2. Jealous looking at your bookshelf :)

  3. That is a GORGEOUS bookshelf! I want one too (thought I have no home!)

  4. Hi Y, wishing you a happy stay at your new home. I remembered my days of quite frequently moving to new shelter :).

    Yesterday, I went to Royal Meenkshi Mall at Banerghatta Rd. I went in Reliance TimeOut store inside the mall at second floor and checked your book in 'Indian fiction labelled' rack but didn't find any:(

  5. Ha Ha. You write funny.

  6. Envy the book shelf! Enjoy the new home

  7. Feeling jealous looking at your bookshelf...Hope you are finding your new home as amiable as you found it when you moved in..


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