Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Conversation with Peanut

Y: How was school today, Peanut?

P: Fine.

Y: What did you learn today?

P: Nothing.

Y: Nothing?

P: I mean, I learnt something but I forgot.

Y: Oh okay.

(Philosophical silence while she munches her lunch)

Y: (Restless) Peanut, what do you think is the purpose of life?

P: What, Mama?

Y: Why are we on this planet?

P: (Thinks for a second) Because there is water here.

Y: (Stunned, and then recovers) Yes, but why were we born?

P: Corn, Mama?


P: Lorn?

Y: (Catching on) Very funny. You can hear me just fine. I asked, why were we born?

P: (Sagely) I know Daddy was born first.

Y: Yes, but WHY?

P: (Getting irritated now) Because it was his birthday.

Y: (Also getting irritated) You are not providing me with the answers to life. What is LIFE?

P: (At the end of her tether) Life is LOVE, okay?

We both stare at each other for a moment and then she starts laughing. I join her and we are both happy.

Right, she is, every single time. 


  1. Now you can't beat her when she says that, can ya?

  2. like mommy, like kid! Intelligent!
    Ha Ha Ha

  3. And you ask a 6-7 year old What Life is? Seriously? I don't have an answer for it myself and I am 27!

  4. Very tough question for a child but clever answer! Interesting conversation:)

  5. loveeeeeeeee it. I am getting in a better state of mind with every single post. I am so glad I clicked on your link... Courtesy - The Mad Momma

  6. This conversations is so cute. Children used to do this kind of prank always and these seems to be very lovely but sometime irritating also...


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