Monday, December 31, 2012

In Today's Hindu Metroplus

How do you get a marketing professional with three little kids running around the house, and a husband who’s the antithesis of her, to sit down and write a 264 page book? She simply translates her chaotic world into words and out pops a gleaming new novel!

Read it here 

Thank you all, and to all - a Happy New Year! 


  1. Hey Y
    A very happy and a prosperous new year...
    Recieved a copy of your book yesterday only and a major portion of my new year eve and the first day of the year was spent reading your wonderful book. Loved it to the core. I was laughing so many times during the read that my mom is super interested to read the book soon and is threatening me to finish it asap. Though she need not say that it is intriguing. Will surely finish it by tonight.

    Hindu's article is absolutely correct, I'm so much awed that how did you manage to write with 3 kids, a house to manage, a job to do. And I'm seriously awaiting the next novels from you.


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