Thursday, May 19, 2011


I've said it before and I'll say it again. I know sometimes it sounds like I am doing a lot and packing in many, many things in a day.

But it's actually at the cost of sleep and sometimes food and often exercise. And then there are days like this one today where I really feel like it's all coming at me from all sides.

So yes, basically what I'm saying is I don't think I would call myself an inspiration for anyone! So neither should you guys.

But I do love you for it.

Edited to add:

I just hugged Peanut and asked her solemnly 'Can I tell you something?'
She said 'Ya'
I said 'Life is full of problems. But you must always smile and know that you are very lucky to be you'.
She said 'Ya'.
I said 'Did you understand?'
She said 'Ya'.
I said 'So what did you understand?'
She said as solemnly as I did ' Sometimes in your whole life, the earth is the moon and it takes your house away. Because we are on the Earth and also in India, and the Earth is under India and so your house goes and then in the English we call the earth the moon and sing 'the house on the earth goes life, life, life'.
I am dumbfounded for a second and then nod slowly. And say 'Exactly'.

Thank God for my many, many children.


  1. the house on the earth goes life, life, life'.

    That sounds very very profound!
    You have a wise, dumbfounding Peanut there:)

  2. Lovely and profound actually!

    Congrats on the book, and despite your disclaimer, you *are* a superwoman.

    p.s.: Regular reader but don’t comment often. You do have humor :)

  3. lol at what peanut said! too cute

  4. Gobsmacked! But very profound indeed. You should keep a journal of these quotes.

  5. lovely...peanut, another author in the making


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