Friday, May 6, 2011

Slight Little Confessions of a Lady Driver

I have been driving myself to work and back, given the driver going on leave.

I have made a few trips back and forth so far, and here is a round up

*Day 1, drive to work (with Vijay) - tried to convince him I would be able to drive myself without a problem. Suddenly he yells 'LOOK OUT' and I find that I have nearly banged my car into a van because I wasn't paying attention. Bad timing.
* Day 2, drive to work (without Vijay, as he started travelling) - drove perfectly well and then just as I was parking, gave the car a little bit of a bump because the basement was too dark. Used Facebook status message to convey the message to my husband. Heh-heh. Full public view, what could he say.
* Day 3, drive home from work - almost skipped a red light, stopped in the middle of the road, causing a bit of a jam. Gave the cop my most charming, helpless smile and apologized profusely so he said okay and let me off.
* Day 4, no major incidents - barring the fact that I stalled the car a couple of times. Also, I was trying to be aggro because everyone always cut in front of me, and so I decided to flash my lights at a jaywalking pedestrian in warning; and simply ended up startling myself by accidentally switching on the windshield wiper instead.

So yes, I think...I think...I'm getting better!

P.S - in a weak moment on Day 1, Vijay panicked and shouted ''Look out...saamne ek AUR LADY DRIVER Hai!'


  1. Of course you are! Ignore all the nay-sayers, and just drive on:)

  2. I've always maintained that women drive as though they're moving furniture around int their drawing rooms.

    This is with the exception of my sisters big and small, who are superb drivers! :_)

    So, yes, Vijay is right - steer clear of those women drivers!

  3. The last sentence had me in splits..have been there..except in my case it was "Look out...saamne ek AUR LADY DRIVER Hai and usne bhi L lagaya hua hain!'

  4. i often feel i am a traitor to our cause and you can hate me for saying this, but i do believe that most WOMEN MAKE TERRIBLE DRIVERS.

    there's the "most" disclaimer. I am an awesome driver, no matter the condition of my much-dented car.

  5. Y, i LOVE your blog! thanks for the laughs! and i am sooooo buying that book of yours! :)




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