Saturday, May 14, 2011

Thus far, it's been an interesting weekend

*Friday night, office party. Had its interesting moments with the music at Turquoise Cottage. Dear office crowd - If we have ONE more party there, I promise you I'll scream. And then I'll probably go anyway because the music there really is great.

*Party lasted approx 2 hours for me. The kids had all slept off at 6.30 p.m. and I decided to go at 8 p.m. At 10 p.m. I got a harried call from the maids, went back and saw that all three were wide awake and crying for me. Fun times putting them back to bed!

*This morning, Sue came to visit! She is really sweet. Came loaded with gifts and with little Rahul, who is a grown up little boy and not the Mowgli-baby I remember from her blog. She stayed only for about thirty minutes though. Next time longer, Eh, Sue? I didn't even get to catch the other Mommy Blogger gossip. I barely get time to read blogs nowadays and I definitely miss knowing what's going on with the various nice ladies out there. But meandering back to the point, it was great seeing Sue.

*My maid Rinki who looks after the twins went off in the morning as her Dad is not well. Jaimala the cleaning lady is still in her village where she's been for three weeks. Anita the cook twisted her ankle and didn't land up. My driver has also extended his holiday by a week and is thus missing in action. Hahahahahahaha! It was definitely an interesting day today for Vijay and me. Especially given that Peanut developed a sudden ear infection and we had to rush her to the doctor. Vijay drove, with me in the backseat with Pickle and Peanut, while little Papad was left behind with the trusty K, and Vijay's dad as backup. The poor little girl was in a lot of pain, but finally slept off and hopefully will wake up much better. Fingers crossed.

*I realized that I am so going to miss the babyness of my babies. Pickle's soft round cheek and double chin which I love to gnaw at. Papad's cute little wide-toothed, wrinkle nosed grin. Pickle's fat thigh. And so on. I so love the things they do too. Both of them blow raspberries on my tummy and set me giggling. Pickle sucks at my arm. Papad bites my chin, cheeks and everything else he can see. I can't believe after a few months, it's the end of breastfeeding days for me. I fed Peanut for 2.5 years, got pregnant and 7 months later, was feeding again. So it's going to be a strange kind of freedom. Oh well. Change is good I suppose. I suppose. I suppose. Except that I don't mind being beaten, bitten, bruised black and blue by my babies if it means that some of these moments can be frozen in time for me. Sigh.

*Oh yes - and I was getting slightly agitated after this day I've had but then got half an hour to swim and after a refreshing little swim all alone in the pool, life looks so eminently handle-able. Nah. Much more than handle-able.



  1. Its nice to see you so positive. I need the inspiration - had a crazy kid day myself and lets just say i was not so positive about it:-) Thank you for reminding me that I'm going to miss my elbow being scratched and babies climbing on me one day!

  2. YOu've just expressed what every mom feels. :-))))))

  3. I was there an hour, give or take a few minutes, but yeah, I wish I'd been able to land up earlier. My next visit, now that I know how to find you. Glad you got the swim. The kids are adorable -- despite my confusion at seeing a grown up Peanut when I'd been expecting a chubby little baby. :)

  4. Hey Y!

    Delurking after a long time. I hope Peanut is better now. Ear infections can be so bad...and ya it does take you by surpise, shows no signs and suddenly you end up with a throbbing ear...
    Get well soon peanut

  5. You all seem to thrive on the chaos:) Keep smiling, and swimming, and being gobbled at by your adorable babies!

  6. I hate these ear infections, my daughter got ear infection 4 time this year and I have been feeling low, looking at your positive attitude makes me think I have to learn how to keep myself cool..

  7. and yet you found time to I rarely find time to do anything and I have just one barely two year old. How do you do it????


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