Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Karvachauth Kissy-Kissy

I was out on my walk last night - usually at about 8 p.m, I have the little park in our complex all to myself. I was meandering along dreamily, when I chanced upon a couple all entangled in an embrace barely fit for public consumption. They were presumably a newly married husband and wife who also thought they had the park all to themselves.
All three of us were slightly embarassed by this but I passed them nonchalantly pretending not to notice anything. The man then said loudly 'Er, so where is that Damn Moon anyway?'.
They stood there scrutinizing the sky for the Damn Moon and my lips twitched just a little bit when I was a safe distance away.
Ah, Tradition. Nothing like it.


  1. isko kehtey hain sex aur sanskar ki kashmakash

  2. Yes, yes, Aneela, Well put! In fact that should have been the title of my post, except that I had never heard the word kashmakash before - it's a good one!

  3. This is a hilarious story!!!

    Laughed and laughed and laughed!!!


  4. debating whether this would be called PDA?
    ...and naught,you could've coughed and warned them.

  5. i guess the closest you can get to it is duvidha.
    And the "sex and sanskar" is courtesy the Sanju-Urmila exchange in Khoobsorat where he is explaining contemporary fashions, lets give credit where credit is due!

  6. love, sex aur bhukha, huh?! :P



  7. Little did they know that they were caught by a blogger. Hee.

  8. Love, Sex aur Bhukha is just too good!

    Bechaara Damn Moon:(


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