Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sweet Exhaustion

Vijay is up till 4 a.m. almost everyday handling the babies. After that, till about 10 a.m. is my shift.
At one point, Vijay remarked 'Honey, this Zone defense thing isn't working - maybe we should try Man-to-Man instead'.
(We both used to play basketball - in our colleges - and even after we got married. Before the many children).
I was thinking, Fine, I'll say I'll take Papad, but he quickly added 'I'll take Papad'.
It's pretty obvious Pickle is the more difficult baby to handle.
So anyway, the Man-to-man thing didn't work out either, so we're back to 'Zone' and continue to take them on in shifts.

Vijay also has configured the sleeping arrangement - one bassinet near the bed and one other little sleeping basket on the bed. Initially the bassinet was further away from us, by the window, but eventually, he brought it closer and closer to his own bed as it's easier to just pick up the wailing baby from it.
However, even the most patient man has his breaking point.
Vijay (lying back exhausted, listening to the sound of Pickle starting to work himself up again) : Should I move the bassinet one more time?
Me: (sleepily) where? (wondering how much closer he can bring it to our bed)
Vijay (gritting his teeth, pulling his pillow over his head): To where we can't hear him anymore....


  1. Ouch:(
    Many sympathies.
    They will sleep through, sooner or later. All the best, you two.

  2. Aw you poor people! This too will pass...eventually! Hang in there!

    You've probably heard this already, but the few moms-of-twins that I know here have said their babies slept much better when they were in the same crib/bassinet - the presence of the twin seemed to soothe them...maybe worth trying?


  3. i laughed as i read, but i can only imagine how tough it must be for you guys. hope things get easier soon enough!


  4. Yes, two parents against one is bad enough. But now it's two against three. You are outnumbered! Run for the hills!


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