Tuesday, July 20, 2010


So it turns out C-secs aren't supposed to be so difficult, normally.
I was really wondering what people had been talking about 'I was up on my feet within a week/3 days/24 hours' - I was thinking, what's wrong with me? Why is the pain not going away? Why is this fever persisting? What's going on? Is it my threshold level for pain that is just lower than others.
Turns out not. Turns out clot. Hey, that rhymes.
A big clot developed and was surgically removed a few days back. I had been home for just about two days when I had to be readmitted to the hospital.
For someone who has never had a surgery ever in 30 years of life, and has otherwise been in pretty good health throughout, the last 3 weeks have been quite a learning experience. 2 surgeries. About a 100 needles. And lots of other things.
But I'm on the recovery path now, and hope to be home again in a couple of days.
As before, the kids are doing fine, and that's the most important thing. I just want to get back home and be with Peanut so that our family of five can start life together.
Yeah. Quite a ride.


  1. Hi Y,

    Yeah what a ride..but glad to hear you are recovering..hope you get home soon and reunite with your babies soon. Take care all of you...of course good thoughts and prayers your way.

    BTW a regular reader but occasional commenter.


  2. Have been here a few times but had to leave a comment on this one. I can totally relate to this post. Had two c-sections and spent 2 weeks at the hospital both times. I first one was similar to what you are going through now except it was infection instead of clots. Am glad you are on the path to recovery. Wishing you the best to go home and bond as a family :)

  3. Thank goodness you are finally on the road to recovery. Sounds like a helluva ride, these past few weeks.
    Tons of love to you all. Big hugs, Y.

  4. Back here after a gap and can see lotsa developments...will go point wise :)
    1) Congratulations and celebrations.... Finally pickle and papad both turn out to be of the same flavour huh!!! Super cool....
    2) Get well soon, u need a lotta rest
    3) Lets see Pickle and Papad in the starring now...am sure the action has already started...

    Lotsa blessings and good vibes...

  5. Good to hear you're on the recovery path now. Hope you get back home soon and have fun with the three Ps!

  6. get ok soon! and wishing five of you happy times ahead!

  7. Oh ho.

    C-secs are bloody painful. My cut healed very well but it was still a major incision and the pain was awful.

    Hope you're doing better now.


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