Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Imagine if you will...

It is Diwali time.

You are at your In-laws.

Your in-laws are chaste, vegetarian Brahmins.

After seven years of marriage, they pretty much suspect you are not.

Yet, you are respectful enough to throw out (okay, hide) the non-veg stuff in the house when they visit, especially since you know it makes your mother in law sick.

Even eggs.

So, it's a harmonious balance that has been struck.

And now imagine, if you will.

It is dinner time during Diwali.

Your little Peanut is cheerfully perched on a chair right next to yours.

She is eating plain rice, her favorite dish.

Her Grandma asks her to also eat her sabzi - some alu-gobi, your husband's favorite - and therefore, ubiquitous dish.

Your Peanut looks suspiciously at the alu-gobi.

Reaches out and pokes one piece of the alu.

And then brightly and happily proclaims


You feel yourself sliding to the floor under the table while your husband chuckles through a mouthful of sabzi and roti, and your in-laws graciously pretend not to hear.

The joy. The infinite joy.


  1. oh my how cute :) heheh Peanut is so cute!

  2. I wish i was there to see your reaction...

  3. oh just tell them the peanut is food-dyslexic confusing her chicken and chickpeas...

  4. hahahaha!

    and i imagine this is just the beginning!!

    Cubby goes demanding Chickunn the moment we enter a resto! i still dunno how to cook it tho! high time i did!



  5. ROFL!

    I foresee exactly this happening to me ! Im in pretty much the exact same situation.

  6. Your in-laws are quite sweet really :) Trust a child to set things right.

  7. Most amusing Duh Duh :)

    Incidentally, why are you moderating my comments? What do you think I'm going to say? And imagine - if only life were more like this blog. How much easier it would have been if Peanut's comment had been sent to you to for "moderation".

  8. Did you morph into a beetroot?
    Phew- out of the mouths of babes and sucklings- the most embarrassing stuff the parents never wanted to hear:)
    Hi Ganju- blog sometimes, pliss.


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