Friday, October 9, 2009

How grown up are WE?

Me: Honey, don't forget - tomorrow is our Parent-Teacher Meeting with Peanut's teacher - at 9.50 a.m.
Vijay: Do we have to take Peanut along?
Me: No, I checked with them at school - she can stay at home.
Vijay: Okay.

(Thoughtful Silence)

Vijay: Honey - it's our first Parent Teacher Meeting? Already?
Me: (Struck by this thought) Yes

(Wondering Silence)

Me: Does this mean we're growing up?
Vijay: I think so.

(Apprehensive silence)

Me: And old?
Vijay (almost immediately) Yes

(Brooding silence).

And for once, there was no mention of 'How fast our little girl is growing up'. It's all about us this time.



  1. heheh good one :) feels weird I guess!

  2. add to the list: ' we have to behave ourselves now, lest the teacher complains about the parents'

    i had a terrible urge to start giggling at our first parent teacher meeting- because i felt like i was wearing a very very dumb expression as the teacher spoke. i felt the urge to look intelligent. which led to the urge to giggle. all in all-not very good!

  3. I know the feeling. My daughter is a little over six months old and I've already attended three birthday parties of her friends. Needless to say I haven't attended any adult parties for what seems like a decade!

  4. Isnt it a bit surreal that most of us are the same height and almost the same weight when we were half our age. And yet, the whole world has changed. Heh, feels weird. I think we should keep getting taller, stronger, sharper as time goes by.

  5. I recently wrote my first parent note excusing Rahul from school for not being well. Am still in shock over it.

  6. I felt very grown up on the day i signed the first field trip permission slip.

  7. I felt very grown up on the day i signed the first field trip permission slip.


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