Friday, July 3, 2009

Partying with the Sister-in-Law

...didn't quite turn out according to plan, of course. 

Our initial thought was that we would ditch the husbands and kids and go out on the town. But then, they wanted to go play golf, so we thought we'd be shrewd about it - we offered to take 7 year old Ananya and 2 year old Peanut out, while they would have to manage 1 year old Adi, who's the toughest of the lot. 

However, it turned out that Adi slept peacefully the entire time while Vijay and brother played golf merrily for 2 hours. 

Our two hours? We thought we'd pick up some books and have a coffee at Barnes & Noble. But the second I entered, my heart sank and Peanut's leapt with joy. There they were - two majestic escalators leading up and down between the ground and first floor. All other plans were abandoned as Peanut screamed to ride them up and down with me. So that's exactly what we did for 1.5 hours, while my sister in law watched with helpless amusement. 

Why did they invent escalators anyway? They're just for lazy people and crazy 2 year olds. 

The good news is that Peanut had a good time. 

But we followed it up with a nice evening at a Thai restaurant. I enjoyed my shrimp salad while Vijay kept alternating between looking around wistfully for the Daal-roti and fooling around by making his brother repeat the name of the dish we were having, 'Phad-ki-what?' and remarking embarassingly loudly to Peanut 'Yeh Maggi bahut bekaar hai na, beta?'. Thankfully no one understood him. 

So much for the party plan. We are determinedly trying to go out again today. Let's see if we manage.


  1. Hey Y, hope you're having a great time. Got back recently from 3 weeks in the US with husband and 2-year old, and we had a great time. (even if poor me was working the first 10 days while the 2 of them lazed around and went to parks and museums). The playgrounds there are something else- makes me wish I was a kid again. And I so hear you on the heart-sinking-when-I-see-escalators one.

    BTW we're using this when we take D swimming, and it's awesome - he actually splashes about on his own and doesn't need us to hang on to him every single second.


  2. After the title, i was expecting grunge and a wild party scene :) Though Vijay's priceless maggi comment more than made up for any gap on expectations!

  3. Such fun, Y, this entire travelogue.
    I hope Vijay is managing to get some
    nourishment, and hopefully some better Maggi:)
    I can just imagine Peanut and her mommy riding the escalators.
    Have fun, and keep posting.


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