Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Peanut Turns Two

Yes, she did, just a couple of days back. I can't quite believe that it's been two years since I had her. It's quite amazing, I think. Wow.

I realize that this isn't the most articulate post ever, but I think I'm still a bit zapped by how time flies.

Oh, also, we had a birthday party for her this Saturday. To my horror, I realized that it was time for kiddy birthday parties, with return gifts, party games, prizes, party hats, those annoying little noisemakers, etc. It all went off rather well, thanks largely to the organizing skills of my mother, sister and sister's friend A.

A, who is rather fond of Peanut (and vice versa), had got her this 2 kg Fairy Princess Birthday cake which was not just pretty but also delicious. When the other kids tried to swipe a bit of it before Peanut had a chance to cut it, A almost killed them. And when, later, they all had bits and pieces from the bottom part of the cake and it caved in on itself, it was A who was most upset - indeed, he went rushing for it frantically and tried to hold it back up with his own two hands, but unfortunately, it was a lost cause.

My sister and A were to bring the decorations, but they got rather late in the process. To make up for lost time, they ended up blowing up most of the balloons in the car on the way. I'm sure that was a fun ride for them. And the driver.

Also, Peanut was attacked just as her party was beginning. I had invited a neighbour, whose two daughters are very fond of her - they are around 7 and 4 years old.The 4 year old decided to express her love and affection by hugging Peanut so hard that she knocked her right off her feet and they both landed up in a heap on the floor - I saw the horror on Peanut's face as she realized that she was suddenly horizontal and had a larger child on top of her- my poor child started crying and was quite inconsolable and in a bad mood for the rest of the party.

The other kids all had fun, though, apparently - they certainly ran about making enough noise for it. The parents also beamed beatifically at each other. The only people who looked out of place were the four non-parent friends of mine who had landed up - but then I'm sure they were fine - because they had each other, as well as the fact that they are not yet parents, to be thankful for.

We had booked a hall in the club at the place we stay and it was all rather convenient. Oh, who am I kidding? Birthday parties are only fun when you're a kid - not the Mom. Even when you have the support of a husband, a mother, a sister and an A.

A highly depressing realization. But I'm still glad we did it because birthdays are meant to be celebrated, dammit. Also, largely I'm glad for the pictures - so that many years later when the memory fades, we can fool ourselves into nostalgically reminiscing about the good old days - I can see it now. Doddering Vijay and Y twenty years later, staring at photos out of aging eyes, and telling each other -

'Remember when Peanut turned two? That was a fun party'.


P.S - incidentally, her actual birthday was later and we celebrated it just at home with the family and it was very, very nice. Plus, as a consequence of this, we had multiple cakes, which is always good.


  1. The Peanut is actually two? Ohmigod!
    Welcome to the mad bad world of birthday parties- I've often wanted to run away from them! I guess the cakes are a major saving grace:)

  2. The Peanut is actually two?
    My comment of yesterday got eaten up, I think!
    Be prepared for many more birthday parties!
    (Evil grin)

  3. Oooh the peanut is a BIG girl now!!! :)

    *Hugs and very warm wishes sent her way*

  4. all moms should have an A in their life. Party Planner Inc.
    I always believed that number of invitees to bacha log parties should correspond to chronological years on birthday till they are say 5, but that is just me. I might be eating my words (and humble pie) when bub's birthday party rolls around.

  5. Wishing Peanut a Very Happy Birthday loads of love to her!!!

  6. Happy Birthday to Peanut-how about some pics as a return gift now?

  7. Hey, many many happy returns of the day to Anoushka (right?) ! My son is 15 months old now and he attended his first birthday party a couple of weeks back at my neighbours. I could not stop getting amazed by how much he enjoyed himself at the party. So I guess organizing the parties are worth the effort for pics, memories and neighbour's kids :)


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