Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Delhi Folks, Seen The Inside of a Dating App Office?

As part of my new book launch (Ta-daaaa - and by the way, please pre-order it here!), HarperCollins has done an interesting conversation with TrulyMadly and so, this Saturday, we're doing an Open Mic where I'm in conversation with their CEO Sachin Bhatia. There's going to be poetry, jokes and a lot of general conversation.... as well as wine!

So if you're Delhi and you'd like to meet a cool bunch of people for a nice Saturday afternoon, go ahead and join us here. And do help spread the word ;)

P.S - pre-order? 

P.P.S - hop on over to read a little something I wrote for them this week?

I may not have the latest  statistics when it comes to love in the workplace, but since I married a guy who flirted with me in the office years ago (though he claims I started it) I guess I am a statistic. Living proof that the office is a natural environment for relationships to blossom. Read More on the Truly Madly Blog

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