Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Pickle On Adoption

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A little sick boy, staying home from school watches me as I get ready for work. Thankfully his grandma Didu is coming to babysit.
He has something on his mind and finally speaks up.
"Mom. Do I have to marry a girl?"
"No, son, you don't"
(He thinks for a bit)
"If I marry a boy, will I not able to have a baby?"
(I choke and cough. And then manage to murmur something about adoption)
"But how I will know where to go for the auction?"
"Umm...adoption... And you'll know...(I am inspired) you'll Google it!"
He is satisfied by this. For a moment.
"Can I adoption big people- like Didu?"
Luckily she walks in just then. 

Would be a good idea to adopt her.

Not many adults (including me) would sit down to play chess with a 5 year old on a Monday morning.

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