Tuesday, April 29, 2014

You know what's funny?

Well, my daughter isn't. But she thinks she is.

She has been telling me a series of Knock Knock jokes and knocking herself out with them. Here's how it goes.

Peanut: So Mama...knock knock.

Y: (Groan) Not again!

P: Come on, Mum. Knock-knock.

Y: (Sigh) Okay. Who's there.

P: Sno!

Y: Sno who?

P: (gleefully) Sno who's ringing the doorbell - it isn't working! HAHAHAHAHAHA....(Papad also joins in)

Y: (after a moment) You mean 'sno use ringing the doorbell, it isn't...

P: (catching her breath) Okay Mama. Knock, knock.

Y: (caught off guard) Who's there?

P: Me.

Y: Me who.

P: Me who's ringing the doorbell....HAHAHAHAHAHAHA ( The little laugh-track Papad also pipes in)

Y: Wait, that's not even...


Y: (Resigned) Who's there?

P: Colin

Y: (Curious despite herself) Colin who?

P: Colin the doctor, I'm sick! HAHAHAHAHAHA ( with her little echo following with a one-second lag)

Y: (Smiling indulgently) Well, that's not a bad one...Call in the doctor....

P: (Clutching her tummy) Yeah! He's a doctor named Colin, and HE only is sick...HAHAHAHAHAHA...

Y: No, hang on, that's not it, you're not getting it. It means...


Y: Yes, Papad? I mean, who is there?

Papad: (Loses his train of thought) YOU SAY, Mama.

Y: Okay. Knock Knock.

Papad: Who dere?

Y: Yash


Peanut laughs but then sees my downcast expression and says : Okay, Yash Who?

Y (Brightly) God bless you!

Peanut and Papad: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA....

Y (Happy again) Funny, isn't it? Yash-who...like Achhoo...

Peanut (stops laughing and frowns at me) No. Yash-who isn't like Achhoo at all. Yash-who is Yash-who and Achhoo is Achhoo.

Y: (Frustrated) So why did you guys laugh?

Peanut and Papad look at each other for a second and then Peanut explains: Your face was funny when you said God Bless you. (This sets them off again) HAHAHAHAHAHA.

Whatever. They have clearly not inherited my sense of humour. This, they get from their father. 


  1. This was such a hilarious post, it truly was, especially how it ended :) Am sure your expression was priceless when you said 'God Bless You' for the laughter track to echo so much :D

  2. omg, us too! NONE of their knock-knocks make any sense and they go on ALL day!

  3. I went to om books in mgf metropolitan....and sorting out sid was not there..I am a big fan of your book. .blog...and sense of humour. .:)

  4. oh my god...we are in the peak of knock knock jokes also..but they are so cute and clueless....



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