Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Papad being Papad... and a bit of news

Vijay is on a health trip. It's been about two months since he quit smoking ( the actual reason for why he quit after about 20 years is too important to share lightly), and he decided to supplement that with some exercise.

In a burst of enthusiasm, he completed a two kilometre run yesterday - in shorts that covered a mere percentage of his long, skinny legs, wearing a pair of bright red-and-grey shoes that he purchased without consulting me (online, that too). Naturally, this made him the target of the friendly neighbourhood strays that he curses on a daily basis. Nevertheless, he finished and came home.

This wasn't enough for him. He decided to forgo dinner and happily boiled two eggs for himself. I could hear him humming to himself as he sat down at the dining table to enjoy his protein-rich meal. I sat down across the table from him, and Papad wandered up out of nowhere and stared at his plate with great interest.

'What ij this?'

'Eggs, beta.'

Papad knew that, of course. He's often been exhorted to try a bit of egg, but he and his twin brother have always stoutly refused any egg-related meal, except in noodles when I have tricked them into thinking they're pieces of chicken.

Vijay neatly sliced the eggs into quarters and lifted one to his mouth. He didn't quite say aaah but he was looking really self-satisfied, I observed.

Papad was frowning hard as he thought about something. And then his face cleared and he gave me his trademark toothy grin and turned to me, exclaiming 'Mama! Aapko Pata hai? Bird egg is white colour. And bird potty is also white colour!'

The transformation of one frowning face to happy, and the almost simultaneous reverse of expressions on the face of the husband across the table were too much for me and I burst out laughing. I patted Papad on the head and said 'Yes, beta. That is true, isn't it?' while Vijay glowered at our youngest son, while now chewing a whole lot slower.


And now the news. If you haven't already seen my Facebook updates - it appears that 'Sorting Out Sid' is suddenly in the AC Neilsen's top 50 list! It's broken right through into position number 32, which rarely happens - even my first book 'Just Married, Please Excuse' didn't make it that high! So basically, whoopie. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the trend continues. And you can help by visiting this link and checking out trailer, synopsis, reviews and so on - and of course, getting your copy of the book! Or gifting to a friend. Or I don't know, just check it out, why don't you?

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  1. Recently i came across ur blog n it z amazing specially ur pickle,papad n peanut escapades. Very entertaining n at d same time awed me knowing all d stuff u get involved with hats off hectic schedule u lead!!! Hats off keep updating more and more posts!! :)


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