Sunday, March 3, 2013

If You're in Bangalore...

It's been years since we've lived there, our flat in Bangalore. These pictures mailed to me by our ertswhile tenant ( who moved out just yesterday) made me feel very nostalgic about the place. It's really a beautiful complex.

So anyway, he's gone now with his little family. Therefore, we're currently looking for a tenant. This place is 2 bedrooms plus a Study, on the 2nd floor, 1700 square feet in East Bangalore ( near the old Airport). If you know someone who is willing to rent the place on company lease, do direct them here! I can be reached at yashodhara dot lal at gmail dot com.

...and a big thanks to our tenant of the last six years who maintained the place beautifully! Would be great to get another tenant like him. 


  1. Beautiful and above all clean. Wish I were in B'lore.

    Can u mail me expected rent along with no of rooms etc incl society name. A colleague of mine is moving to B'lore soon.

  2. Exactly what I had imagined it to look like while reading the book :) Where is the blue sofa ;) :P


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