Friday, March 16, 2012

Right, so maybe not.

The last two days have had:

* Meeting with people at HarperCollins - Editors, Art Director, Marketing - truly a nice bunch. And there's still SO much to be done on the book.
* PTA meeting with Peanut's teachers -she has graduated from Nursery. Holy Crap-ioli. I mean, Wow. Already in the big school for a year.
* Work, Work, Work - Appraisals, Annual Plans, and lots of other things.
* Kids, Kids, Kids - There are so many of them!
* A nice impromptu rooftop party at a work-friend's- with the most amazing kababs (even though they were veg), and guitar-ing and singing.
* And today, some more health issues arise at home. So we hope for the best and get into treatment mode.

I feel tired. Goodnight.

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