Friday, March 23, 2012

Never good news when...

You see your husband reach for the paper and then get a gleam in his eyes as he scans the front page headlines, and hear him exclaim 'Wah, Kya Baat Hai'...

...and then you curiously check the paper later to find the top story of the day is 'Now, Divorce to Get Easier'


P.S - The book series planned -

Just Married, Please Excuse...
Still Married, Thank you!
Got Divorced, Now What?


I hope... :-(


  1. You should tell him come hell or high water you will stay with him with the 3 kids ofcourse, sacrifice your vanity for love

  2. Yes.Such a news on the front page of a leading daily early in the morning does put one off.What's with this world?


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