Thursday, September 29, 2011

My Daddy, My Hero. For Peanut. Apparently.

I read a notice yesterday in Peanut's diary from school that said she had to dress up as a family member who inspires her, and that she had chosen her Father.

I was a little hurt, but asked nonchalantly 'Peanut, why didn't you want to dress up as Mama?'

She thought about this for a minute before she answered, and as she spoke, her agitation became clear 'Mama! How can I dress up as you and Daddy both? I am only ONE child', she said, holding out one finger at me to make her point.

I hastened to clarify 'No, Peanut. I meant...why did you choose Daddy and NOT Mama?'

'Oh' She said, dismissively 'Because you always scold me and Daddy doesn't scold me'.

I felt very bad about this but decided not to pursue the matter further. It's true that I've been scolding her of late. Even though things have improved drastically in the last month, the child ungratefully refuses to pick up on it. No matter, I think, and I browse the diary further. 'Oh it says you have to choose a thing that Daddy says a lot. What will you say?'

Pat came the answer ' Peanut, eat your food right now or you will get a smack-y!'

Oh Dear, Dear.

Eventually, the line she chose was ' Peanut, give me a huggy and a kissy. I'm going to Bombay'. But she also chose an extra line 'Peanut, don't sulk and fuss, just eat your food now'. She seems hell-bent on making her point about the food issue.

She wanted to wear Vijay's T-shirt, but he convinced her that dressing 'like him' didn't mean dressing in his clothes. She instead wore jeans and a grey boyish T-shirt. I tried to do her hair, sweeping it along her forehead like his, but she took one look at it and refused to go out like that.

I can't believe this child has grown up so much, so quickly.

Two more to go!

And hopefully at least one of the twins will want to dress up like me in about 3 years. Yes, there's always hope!


  1. Love your blog! Been reading all the posts since yesterday, love the way you write!

  2. So did she finally remember the line and say it in class?

  3. Good news for you!! Pickle already likes to dress up in your clothes. He insisted on wearing your purple top that other night. So cute, he looked like a little wizard in his dress robes.

  4. "I tried to do her hair, sweeping it along her forehead like his, but she took one look at it and refused to go out like that"

    Ah, love the diva :)

  5. I love your blog! Since yesterday was reading all the posts I love how you write

  6. So cute. It's amazing how they have a mind of their own so early!

  7. hahaha!! You're funny Y, you really are. Effortlessly so.

  8. Awww....I'm sure when she is a little more grown up, she will yearn to be like mommy!


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