Friday, October 7, 2011

Detoxification: Saturday Morning

* Sleep in despite the twins being up bright and early. Simply transfer them outside the bedroom to play with the other adults in the house.

* Awoken by Peanut who is insisting it is 'School today, ma'am told me!' - calling school to discover that she is actually right. Packing her off in a record seven minutes to catch the bus.

* Yoga routine, broken only by the twins plonking down on my stomach every few minutes. Bharat Thakur's Yoga for Flat Abs. Yeah, right. Oh well, we can try.

* Vani appears at the door, huffing and puffing and looking like a ripe tomato. She has been out jogging and claims she is going to die. She mentions she is planning to buy an iPad. I try to dissuade her, especially when I discover it is because she is unable to download iTunes on her laptop. She is not dissuaded. She has a bad sinus condition and a headache.

'Wasn't it Virginia Woolf?'

'What?' I ask politely

She is in a dark mood 'Who died because of migraine or something?'

I answer in all honesty 'I don't know'. Haven't the faintest.

'Yes' She says 'It was. She imagined a dark creature entering her head all the time. And then she walked into water and committed suicide'.

'Oh' I am a little worried 'Are you seeing dark creatures entering your head?'

'NO' She snaps as she heaves herself up and heads to the door. She mutters darkly as she exits 'But I am thinking of moving to a place where there is some water to walk into'.

I contemplate this for a bit and get back to my Yoga.

* Using dilapidated old digital camera to capture Vijay dancing with his twin sons. Resolving to buy new camera. Sometime.

* Applying an Orange Facial Mask. Little bit of pampering of self. Little Papad eyes me strangely and tries to pull it off. I hastily wash it off.

* Lazily considering going to Spencer's to buy various foodstuffs. Vijay disappears for half an hour and reappears with the good things in life. Soon we are eating Breakfast of varied items such as Upma, Toast with Cheese Spread, Quaker Oats with Raisins, Walnuts, Dates and so on. I am thankful for my several minutes of Yoga, and figure this meal is well-deserved.

* Having fun clowning around with Vijay. Mention that Vani is going to buy an iPad and suggest to him that he download iTunes on it for her and therefore get to play with it.

'Oh yes. I can probably tell her it takes about a year to download...and then maybe tell her that there's a new version of iTunes which doesn't work on the old iPad and that she should buy a new one...or maybe suggest to her that the Black one she's bought doesn't work as well as the White one and that she should buy a new one and give the old one to me'.

'Yeah right' I giggle 'She'll buy all that'.

Vijay points out, his favorite trump card 'She said we can't see the Sun rise around Bombay, because it's in the west and the sun rises in the East, remember?'

I am silenced.

* A little Blogging, and change of template. Because Change Can be Good.

* Conclusion of the day: Saturdays should be off.


  1. How can you forget your 6 cell netbook purchase ?
    Go on we are listening !

  2. Looks like Saturdays are quite 'happening' days for you guys :-)

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  3. its always a pleasure reading ur posts..

  4. Ran into your blog by accident, and spent the rest of evening at it !

    Love, love, love your narrative style.

  5. This was really funny! You can pack so much in a day- wow!


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