Thursday, September 23, 2010

8 Years and I Still Don't See It Coming

Y (working on laptop on bed, next to lazing husband): Honey, my laptop battery is running out...
Vijay: Hmmm...?
Y: Please plug the charger in for me...
Vijay (Unwilling to move even half an inch): What? plug it in.
Y: (Annoyed because the plug point is just behind his head and this hardly requires any effort on his part) Come on, just plug it in behind you.

( Slight pause as Vijay chooses his words carefully)

Vijay: Honey, you'll find plenty of natural gases there but no electricity...


  1. I'm sending this to Vicky. No further comment.

  2. Discovered your blog a few weeks ago and have loved reading through it. This particular post really made me laugh out loud...literally!!


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