Thursday, September 16, 2010

Admission for Peanut!

So like most other parents of 3 year olds, we have been doing the rounds of various schools to get Peanut admission into Nursery for next year.

But being the very lucky people that we are - one of the nicest schools on our list did a draw of lots a couple of days back, and Peanut's name was the fourth in a list of five girl names drawn for our group that day. It's one of those rather progressive schools and we really liked their approach to education - very different from all the other schools. Now we will spare ourselves the hassles of going to most of the other schools, and only consider one more.

There were a total of 12 names out of a group of about 40, so we are definitely lucky.

Or IS it luck?

I firmly believe it's because I wrote out a cheque to the school BEFORE we went for the draw that day. Yes, I was rather sheepish about trying to apply something that 'The Secret' said, but hey, it clearly worked.

Or DID it?

Vijay claims it's because of his cleverness - he says that when he folded the paper with Peanut's name on it to drop it into the box, he didn't quite fold it all the way - so that it would 'kind of stick out and whoever was drawing the lots would be compelled to pick this paper up'.

Balderdash, I said. It was my cheque-thing!
Nonsense, he said. It was his paper-folding thing.

We argued all the way back home. But we held hands and we were both. very. happy.


  1. You must be so is such a joy when you can send your child to the school you believe is right for her! Loads of love,

  2. Sweet. On a different note, you think The Secret works? Asking coz in a sticky situation myself & badly want it to turn right!

  3. Congratulations! The exact same thing happened to us...4th in a list of 12! It's probably even the same school:-) It's a huge relief, isn't it?


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