Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Odd Couple...

( On route from Jaipur to Delhi)

She: We won't stop at MidWay...we'll go straight...Baby is sleeping
He: Oh, no - let's stop there...
She: Why? You aren't hungry - we ate before we left...
He: No, I think we can buy you something nice from there...
She: A-ha! I get it. You want to stop for a smoke.
He:, no...something nice for you...
She: Don't lie. What is this smoking thing with you? You're just addicted.
He: Honey! Have you heard the song 'Addicted to love'?
She: Yes...(shaking herself) Don't try and change the subject.
He: No, honey...the subject is the same...addiction...the topic has love ( Wrapping his arm around her, turning on all reserves of charm ) You like love, right?
She: ( Trying not to laugh at his cheesiness, but unable to stay mad)


Both of them are rushing home on a Sunday night from Delhi to Gurgaon. It's become late in the evening. She wanted to go for a swim, he wanted to go to the gym. But both swimming and gymming facilities in their complex shut down at 9 p.m. - and they arrive at 8.45 p.m. They decide to try and swim for just a few minutes. Something is better than nothing, and all that.

Immediately abandoning baby who is happy to watch songs on TV for 15 minutes ( or longer, if upto her), they change into their swimming costumes, and bolt out the door to the swimming pool. He is grumbling about not being able to work out, she is giggling at the thought of the two of them running around like kids in a respectable colony.

When they get to the pool, there are only 10 minutes left to 9. They rush to their respective changing rooms. She can't get the door to hers open, and starts banging and calling out indignantly to the ladies inside. How inconsiderate of them to lock it when she has only a few minutes of swimming time left. Just as she heaves her shoulder against the door one final time, a bemused lady swimmer opens the door from inside - causing her to stumble inside the room in fairly typical clumsy manner - and informs her 'It was open all the time'.

He goes one better. He has no trouble with the changing room and is out the door in a flash. (And funny, I should use the term 'flash').

Because he majestically dives into the deep end of the pool, his long frame glinting in the moonlight. He swims like a fish, and is ready to make the most of the next few minutes.

Of course, the effect would possibly have been more majestic had he remembered to actually tie the nada of his swimming costume - and consequently, not parted ways with it due to the impact of the water. He floundered around in embarassment and retrieved it quickly, glad of the fact that it was so dark - and that there were so few people around.

Ah, life with you. Ever amusing.


  1. Ha ha! Addicted to your blog is more like it for us readers :)

  2. hahahaha!

    you should write often! :D


  3. Bet Vijay wished he had on the "'lashtic ka pyjama" he once sang about.
    That blog post of yours has forever changed that song for me

  4. Ha ha... poor guy. I would have died if I was him!

  5. LOL!!!

    That cracked me up. And I could totally picture you struggling with that door....


    Just for the effect...


    Killer Stuff!!!

  7. Haha! Ever so amusing! :D Peanut must be so big by now!

  8. This is when his famous parody of "paathshaala" comes back to bite him in the you-know-where! :D

  9. The man needs lashtic ka swimming costume for sure:)
    Lovely having a Vijay post after so long!
    What did you buy at the midway stop?
    I'm nosey like that:)

  10. lol!!!!

    u guys are made for each other :)
    i love ur blog!


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