Monday, July 14, 2008

'Allo, 'Allo!

Just came back from a trip to the hills over the weekend. Stayed with some friends of the family, who live in the most beautiful house in the world ( as far as I've seen, anyway!) and had a good time. Saw the best views, met some nice people, had some great wine, so much so that I even enjoyed watching the grand finale of 'Jo Jeeta Wahi Superstaaaar', which has quite a fan in my mother. But I digress. So anyway, walked a lot in the mountains, got followed by a stray dog, nearly fell to my death on the highly treacherous terrain, got wet in the rain, was asked to use an umbrella, refused haughtily and promptly fell ill, developed high temperature, was given many crocins and bundled up in a blanket and miraculously recovered in two hours. Took the train there and found that Peanut is overall much better in a train journey than in a plane journey. Went to visit the mother's old school in Sanawar and had bun samosas in Kasauli, only to find 'they don't make 'em like they used to'.

Oh, and also saw a rainbow. It was really bright and beautiful, could see the whole VIBGYOR. I don't know, I still get such a kick out of seeing a rainbow.

Fun. Hopefully, will post pics soon.


On a totally separate and unrelated note, here's a link to something developed at work - in the conceptualization of which I was involved, in my own little, quiet, unobtrusive way. If you like it, forward it to hundreds of other people. Okay, at least 5. And If you don't like it, shush.



  1. was wondering where is the weekend post! :D

    but when you have such a perfect chhutti in the hills, blogging seems like distant thought!



  2. The toon animation was hilarious!

  3. Well... the bun samosa's are the same size, and as tasty. Just your mom was smaller then, so the bum-sum's looked huge.

    Did you enjoy the monkeys around Sanawar and Kasauli?

    I'd like to see some pics.

  4. LOL at the pagaar thingie. So that's what you do. And here I thought you worked!

  5. Well done duh duh - your vacation sounds most pleasant - apart from the heavy rain, the falling ill and the almost falling to your death thing.

    And yes - we all know about your "little, quiet, unobtrusive way". It's very similar to the Hulk's "little, quiet, unobtrusive way". You must be twins.

  6. What should I have for lunch? Dall with two veggies from Lucky Dhaba? A burrito from Chiptole? Or a sinful cheeseburger and fries from In and Out?

    PS: Have you missed me?

  7. Sounds like a yummy holiday! Glad you got a break... they are SO NECESSARY!

  8. great holiday. Blessings from stars.

  9. Can't see the video :((

    BTW, welcome back!! Glad you had such a nice vacation. And from pics in the train - Peanut looks absolutely fabulous!!! (So do you, so do you!)


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