Thursday, January 14, 2016


Pickle comes up to me and says 'Mama, I need a new bag.'

'Oh?' I look into his chubby face. 'Why is that?'

'My bag is tore.'

'Okay, torn? Fine, we'll go and pick one on Saturday.'

'But don't get Papal one.'

I kneel down. 'Son, listen, you guys have to stop comparing with each other. Just worry about your own stuff.'

'But HIS is not Tore.' The little boy's chin quivers at the unfairness of it all.

'I didn't say I will buy him one.' I remind him. 'But you shouldn't bother about what he gets or doesn't get. Actually.' I correct myself. 'you should also feel happy if your brother gets something nice.'

'But.' Pickle bristles. 'His is NOT TORE.'

'It doesn't matter if it's not tore! I mean, torn! I mean...look, let's forget about this, shall we?'

He is looking really upset now. I decide I must quickly change tactics and distract him.

'So Pickle! You liked the movie Alladin?'

It works. His sullen face lights up. 'Ya, I liked the genie the most.'

'Oh yeah? And What would you wish for if you a genie who gave you three wishes?'

He thinks hard and then announces -

'My number one wish will be I get a new bag.'

'Well, yeah, that's great!' I cheer him on, wanting to get past this topic quickly 'Okay, so what's wish number two?'

He barely takes a moment for this one.

'That Papal does not get a new bag.'

He then proceeds to tell me a number 3 but I don't really hear it because I'm just despondently contemplating the complete and total inefficacy of my lectures.


  1. this is really cute😊😊😊

    1. Thanks much :) - and I just posted your other comment on Facebook! So glad you enjoyed 'Just Married, Please Excuse' and hope you also pick up the others.

  2. Children are more stubborn than adults, aren't they?


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