Friday, July 17, 2015


It seems that 'There's Something About You' has broken through at launch to (ahem) No. 2 on the AC Neilsen Bookscan...

I think I'll believe it when I see it in the paper this weekend.
Thanks a ton to all of you fantastic folks. I really hope you enjoy the book. Will be looking out for your reviews, please do take out that two minutes to give it a review on the following pages -
And guys, seriously - if you haven't bought it yet - now is an excellent time to order it! Come on, it's a great read. A whole bunch of folks think so smile emotico

Buy OR Review it here:

Flipkart here
Amazon here-
Goodreads here
...or of course, in good old physical bookstores near you!

Here are some review links too!
Thanks again guys and also, stay tuned for a giveaway I'll be announcing soon! In the meantime, please do order the book now

And if you really need convincing to pick up a book which is priced less than a cup of coffee (ha ha, sorry, had to throw that in), just go ahead and get the sample chapters for free here

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  1. This book is really different . Not just an ordinary love story . Just finished it reading . Loved it....


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