Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Weekend

Aah. Here it is!

Whoops. There it was...

Zumba in the mornings, 3 Parent-Teacher Meetings to Attend, various other exciting events in the colony. Quick as a flash, Sunday evening hath arriveth ( Donth thath justh sound like lisping?) Anyway, going forward, I hope to be able to fit writing into the new schedule, and that includes blogging at least once a week.

See you around, guyzzz!

P.S - a big thanks to those of you who did bother to delurk on the last post. Waiting to hear from more as motivation to actually take out the time to carry on with this space!

P.P.S - conversation with Peanut -

'Mum, is Roald Dahl alive?'
'Is Enid Blyton alive?'
'Wow. Are all authors dead?'
(Silence for a moment and then she looks at me appraisingly)
'Oh yeah. YOU'RE alive.'
(Goes back to her book while I continue to stare at her)


  1. Hi Yashodhara...I am a regular reader of your blog and have sometimes gone back to read your archives when I need some happy reading...I am planning on a sabbatical at the end of the year and am really encouraged looking at what all you have done...I hope you will continue to provide us with lots more laughter, insights and encouragement in the years to come...thank you!

  2. ha ha ha that was so cute :) :) ..i love peanut...

  3. Nicely said, Loved this one. Thanks for sharing this. Keep on writing.


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