Friday, February 6, 2009


Vijay: Your happy burday is coming up! What would you like, honey?
Y ( thinking hard): Well, I'm a simple person with simple tastes. I think all I want is you to take me to the zoo on Sunday.
Vijay: Whatttt?
Y: Why? What's wrong? It'll be really nice. Peanut can come too.
Vijay: Ummm....
Y: What is with you? Why can't we just go for a nice family outing on a Sunday? Why do you bother asking? I've been told the Delhi Zoo is quite nice.
Vijay (relieved) : Oh, ZOO! I thought you said 'Loo'...


The fight for Peanut's affection has officially begun.

Over the last few days, Peanut has lost around ten percent of her cling-iness to me. She now exhibits a definite excitement about Vijay's return from office, and actually fusses over and hugs him - as opposed to her almost constant irritation with him over the previous two months or so.

She still prefers that I do most of her stuff for her, but I get at least a little bit of relief nowadays when she allows Vijay to occasionally do something.

Vijay stayed at home a day or so over the last couple of weeks, and before I knew it, he had sneakily taught her to say 'Dada' as a response to his query 'Peanut kiski beti hai?'. He did this by the simple means of saying it over and over himself until she started to do so, and then reinforcing it with loud claps and 'yaayyyys'.

So the last time I finished changing her nappy, after a great deal of difficulty -because she insisted on getting up and running away, teetering on the edge of the bed many times - he stood around watching from a distance, and finally asked her 'Peanut kiski beti hai?', and she automatically replied, almost before he finished his question 'Dada'.

Vijay clapped loudly, said 'Yayyy' and then cackled for a long while, summing it all up with a shot at me ' Honey...ghar tum banao...par nameplate mera...'


But who cares? Mostly, it's me and her, all the way. I created a mini-me!


  1. Enjoy ze trip to ze zoo!!!!
    Gorgeous photo- you are looking really skinny now:)

  2. yay yay yay... a peanut Pic atlast... how i love ur kid... :-) u too sweetheart for bringing us her!!

  3. In my home we fight over who's stuck with him. We've gone to some crazy lengths to get the other to baby-watch. :)

  4. hehe!

    enjoy the zoo! peanut will totally love it am sure! Cubby did when we took him last month to bannerghatta zoo!

    but seriously? thats all you asked for?! :p

    and the pic is way too cute!



  5. That is so sweet, no matter whose name it is, u know shes just gonna be like her mama, nice pic, captured a special moment?

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  6. oh Y... thats such a pretty, pretty photo.. !! you must look great with short hair :)

    and hey, belated Happy Birthday. Hope you had a good trip to the zoo.

  7. and yeah - where u guys staying, finally?


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