Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Hello, 2009. Lookin' good!

And that's it - the end of another year. And what a year 2008 has been.

Peanut has really grown - she is 17 months old already, and an extremely powerful personality. She has begun to get extremely possessive about me - protests quite a bit when I talk to or am touched by anyone else. I don't think Vijay is very happy about this, because he can't even hug me after getting back from work, without triggering an eruption of Mt. Peanut.

Work has been good, despite many ups and downs. I still feel I have yet to discover my life's calling, but in the meantime, it's nice to work in a place which you can actually look forward to going to on most mornings. Most people there are very nice - but of course, there are the occasional odd characters that pop up now and then, just to try my patience and keep things interesting.

My days are so full between work, home and Peanut. I have decided that I can't be doing everything, and so of all the three things, 'home' is pretty much the one that is going to be getting less attention. So pardon me if I don't host too many fancy get-togethers - however, if you promise to be non-judgmental, you can come over for a glass of wine. I will even let you drop it on my sofa. Peanut does it everyday, anyway. Her own food - not wine. I don't give her wine. That's at least another year away. Ha ha.

I haven't been blogging as much as I would have liked, nor have I had the time to follow my favourite bloggers. Let's see, maybe I can figure out how to squeeze some of that in, going ahead.

I'm still breastfeeding Peanut and mostly enjoying it. I'm glad I didn't listen to some of you who told me to stop ( Just stop, it seems) . Of course, don't remind of this the next time Peanut decides to use me as a teething toy. Also, don't remind me of this when it really is time to quit and Peanut is an even more determined and strong-willed toddler.

So now, here they are - my resolutions for 2009:

- Stop demanding so much from myself. It's okay if the house is messy sometimes.
- Give up on trying to change Vijay. He's pretty okay the way he is. I don't have to eat the Alu Gobi everyday, but he should if he wants to.
- Continue with all the decent habits I have discovered in the last few months like good reading, exercise, meditation, yoga, pranayam - increase the time spent on these activities.
- Get up an hour earlier everyday. (I refuse to divulge what time I currently get up)
- Worry less about Peanut - and just enjoy her more.
- Play my guitar at least once in three days.And learn some new stuff, for God's sake.
- Be less sarcastic. To avoid snapping at people.
- Stop procastinating the tasks that I don't like.Get my papers in order - bank, tax, bills; figure out stuff about Peanut's playschool and so on.
- Socialize more, quit making snap judgments and actually remember people's names. Boy, have I got a good one to tell you about this - will do so in my next post.
- Write that darned book. Or at least the first chapter.
- Regularly remind myself to live in the moment and enjoy it.

Happy New Year, Everyone. Have a fantastic 2009.


  1. happy new yr lady.. no peanut pics?? me sad... :(

    anyways let me ask after a week.. thats the time resolutions fly out of the window.. lolzzz...

  2. Happy happy to you too. Can you mail me your number?

  3. All sounds good, Y. Have a great year, all of you.

  4. Happy New Year, Y! :)
    thought the last resolution was the most important and least adhered to- by all of us!

  5. Happy New Year Y!!! Looking forward to that book!!

  6. Awarded, Y. Please come and collect.

  7. happy new year to you guys too! :)

    and what fun this age is, nahi?! they seem to be learning and picking up so much and so quick!

    the resolutions sound good! good luck with them!



  8. happy new year, Y :)

    hope to read more from u this year.

  9. Why, Ythewoman ! We must be twins. I got the same wish list as you have. Except the book that is. :)

  10. i never comment!! (I define never)
    but cmon - not being sarcastic ???
    such drastic steps ..... what did 2008 do to u ??
    i apologise on behalf of all the 200x years so far .....

  11. I said just stop because you said you wanted to. Since it works for you, though, glad to hear you carried on.

    My cousin was fed until she was past 3, I'm told.


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