Saturday, November 15, 2008

Phamily News! I'm a Bua!

Written by my sister - it's great to be able to outsource!
A brand new little lady has made her entrance into the world today, far away in the UK. I am now a bua as well as maasi, my mom is a daadi as well as a naani and Peanut is a big sister as well as a little baby... well, you get the drift.My brother's sms announcing the birth of his daughter conveyed no emotion of the proud first time father. It read "Baby girl born at 11:40 am gmt via caeserian section! 3.3 kilos. Mum and baby fine."The exclamation mark is the only thing in the message that betrays any excitement - and that excitement seems directed more at the fact that it was a C-section. He's a doctor. Go figure. :)The baby is reported (by her rather biased maasi - my sister in law's sister) to be very pretty and fairer than the fairest of babies born in England. We hope to have some pictures soon. Questions like 'how much hair does she have on her head?', 'what shape is her nose?' etc. remain unanswered as yet. And she is yet to be named.We're now officially overrun with baby girls. The next generation is yet to see a boy. This baby is the fourth girl after my cousin A's two little daughters and of course, my sister Y's princess Peanut. Woo hoo to female domination!!! I hope to see the baby real soon, and especially to see Peanut with her little cousin.Happy birthday, little lady!!!

After the sister wrote this piece, the brother did deign to send pictures and the child is a far better looking version of her parents - chubby, chinky little doll! I think she looks a lot like I remember Peanut when she was born - although Peanut's earlier pictures often make me recoil and say 'She never looked like that!' I guess Peanut was just not very photogenic in those days. Just like me! I'm much better looking in real life than in any photo.

Anyway, coming back to the NEW little beauty in our family, I almost uploaded her picture before remembering that it is my blog and I haven't asked the brother for permission. Then I figured, forget it, we'll just keep in in the family - so the rest of you just have to live without it, or else consider yourself spared, depending upon your own personal philosophy about newborn baby pics. I do understand, by the way, despite being a proud parent and bua, considering Peanut's newborn pics (shudder).

I was chatting with my sister and she asked me in all seriousness 'Now that we're buas, don't you feel we ought to be fat and jolly?'. I think we may be a bit skewed in this regard by our own Bua, but I do tend to agree.

I refuse to be fat - incidentally I'm all skinny and awesomely fit at the current moment, ha ha, show-offing done - but I can be jolly!

So, Ho, Ho, Ho everyone! May you have Merry New Babies!

Yayyyyyy! A new little person to love!

P.S - Oh and congrats to the brother and the bhabhi. Well done on producing someone far better than you, in every conceivable way. Vijay and I know what that's like! Let's resolve to try and not ruin the perfection of our beautiful daughters. Kala Teeka time!


  1. congrats on the bua-ship! new babies are such fun. i always go back to noo's pics and think the same btw, dude, she never looked like THAT. lol.

  2. Hi,

    I was reading ur blog posts and found some of them to be very good.. u write well.. Why don't you popularize it more.. ur posts on all ur blogs especially ‘YOnEarthNot ’ took my particular attention as some of them are interesting topics of mine too;

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    This way you can reach out to rambhai readers some of whom could become your ardent fans.. who knows.. :)


  3. :)

    Yaayyy to Buadom and congrats to the brother and bhabhi! :D

    and yes, I *shudder* a lot looking back and thinking i inflictyed Cubby's baby pics on people and actually expected them to go Ooh aah so cute! was such a wrionkly raising looking chappie! scary than cute!

    thank god they change!! :D

    and i think i will just ignore the awesomely fit part!



  4. Congrats both you buas and the phoopha (such a lovely word!) and brand new Dadi and proud parents and family all round! Our Peanut is a big sis now- wow!

  5. Congrats! And welcome to the grind to your bro :)

  6. Ah, congratulations! Babies are always good news, espcially when one is an aunt and not a parent. Am still waiting for my brother and cousins to get their act together.


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