Sunday, November 9, 2008

Peanut @ 15 months

Peanut actually gets funner (!) every month. I guess it's because this baby thing is new to me, I find it endlessly fascinating. Well, let's not say endlessly because I was pretty darn ready to go back to work after 10 months at home with her! But still - the point is that each new development is just so wondrous to me that I have a sneaking suspicion this fascination is perhaps swayed to the extreme by the fact that this particular child is mine, and that not everyone shares the same level of enthusiasm about a baby's monthly progress. However - this is my own space to be a completely starry-eyed and barmy parent, and therefore, onwards with a 15 month update.

- She is practically running around now, and let's be frank here - she's not very good at it. Yet, you have to give her points for trying. She has finally got slightly better with walking in shoes, too, and therefore I can now take her out to the park for a walk.

- Taking her to the park for a 'walk' is a bit theoretical though, because she's the sort who would rather watch the other kids from a safe distance - which means her clinging on to me for dear life. In general, she is at an embarrassingly anti-social age and I spend quite a bit of time answering well-meaning park people in a baby voice, on her behalf. You know, like

Well meaning Park Aunty - 'Oooh, are YOU today?'
Peanut - (Looking the other way, the complete cold shoulder)
Me ( Stepping in to save the day, in a baby voice) Ooooh! I'm fine, Aunty. How are you?

It really is kind of stupid. Oh, well.

- She still continues with her fascination for older children, particularly girls, whom she calls 'Didi' quite indiscriminately, whether they are a few months or a few years older than her. In fact, come to think of it, she's not really giving the boys any attention at all, just seems to like the didis - who in turn, are very interested, gentle and sweet with her, in general. Unfortunately, though, our nice next-door neighbours have moved to Mumbai, taking their 20 month-old daughter, Sai with them ( which is understandable because it wouldn't really have made sense to leave her behind), and therefore, there is a gap in our lives which we are somehow trying to fill. I really hope we don't get nasty neighbours.

- Peanut also says quite a few things now, apart from the 'Mama', which is also used to refer to my mother and my sister. There's also 'Da-da' for Vijay, 'Pa-pa' for my grandfather, 'Bua' for my bua, 'Na-na' for my Foofaji ( wow, I have never used that word in real life and it looks funny, is it phoofaji? phoophaji? never mind). In case you've noticed, she is going to possibly grow up a little confused about these relationships with this kind of nomenclature logic, but never mind.

Oh, and Vinod, our driver, is called 'Meow' because that's something he says often to amuse her.

- Speaking of amusement, Peanut invents her own little ways to keep herself entertained. This includes stuff like climbing up and down steps a zillion times, with the K in close attendance. She also derives great pleasure from the strangest things, and it is an endless journey of discovery for us, to find those little things that are going to amuse her. For example, today, it was Vijay's knocking over the shade of a lamp that sent her into hysterics. She laughed so hard each time that we looked at each other, helplessly amused, thinking 'What's the big deal about this? It's just a lamp shade being knocked over', but it worked for her so we did it a thousand times. Of course, when we tried to turn the camera on her and then do it, she gave us a bored, quizzical look that said 'What's the big deal about this? Can't you guys come up with something better?'

- She still isn't a great eater, but certainly seems to have enough energy and to be making enough poopy to suggest that she is doing just fine, so I'm thinking I will really just be quitting worrying about it. I'm a great believer in not trying to force her to eat at any point of time but a lot of ominous prophecies from the family sometimes drive me to try a little harder than I should to get a spoonful into her - although it's quite a half-hearted effort and therefore predictably fails.

I know this has nothing to do with this post, but I have found myself doing a similar half-hearted effort thing when it comes to killing mosquitos. I do want to get rid of the damn pesky mosky but I can't quite bring myself to actually kill it most of the time. So when I do slap my hands together to kill it, I am just pretending to be aiming for it because I really actually just want to send it a message and tell it to go away and not bother me anymore - and therefore, I end up just missing it deliberately and then telling Vijay 'Damn! I missed - can you please kill it, honey?'

I had a lot more to write but Peanut is calling for me and it's time to go. I feel rather sorry to have to end this on a random mosquito note, but such is life.

Until next time.


  1. Its actually..."Phuphaji".

    ...I just have used this word before :-)

    Love to peanut...Cheers!!!

  2. always nice to know what peanut is upto..

    though would love to see her pics...not many here in the recent past *Grrr*

  3. oh we so love peanut updates! followed by gym updates! :p

    and this is such a fasinating age! ok! maybe because i am in a starry eyed mom stage too!

    i have a porud and goofy grin even at remotely similar sounding word repeated! i just like to say "See See! he said balloon!" when he might just have managed a B sound! :p

    such is life indeed!! :D



  4. Helloooo Y! Hopping around here after a while, and Peanut's already a walking, talking little girl? Wow, how long was I away?!

    Congratulations on all the milestones!

  5. She's walking???!!! I don't know why but babies just sort of freeze in your mind at the point in time when you saw them. So Peanut is still a little baby who stays put in one place as far as I am concerned...

  6. Brilliant girl she is.
    BTW, when Krish was first introduced to the terminology phoopha, the Pepsi ad Hoohaa India was just out, so guess what he says...


    PhoophaIndia Aaaya India.

    My son. *bristles with pride*


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