Wednesday, December 6, 2006


I set myself up for this. I created this blog wherein my few regular readers (around 20 at last count -okay, maybe 3), now log in regularly, expecting to have a bit of a laugh, or at the least, read the entries with a knowing smirk on their faces.

But have you all ever thought I might have deeper feelings? Feelings that go beyond making fun of myself and other people? Concern about the state of the world? About poverty, about global warming, about the children of our future, about what's left of Michael Jackson's nose?

Well, I have plenty of deep feelings. Deep, deep feelings. Feelings of pain. Dejection. Rejection. Disappointment. Regret. Worry. Moroseness. Despair. Sorrow. And my stomach hurts.

In case you are wondering, I am ill. I have been unable to go to work for two days. I am like the mythical Kumbakarana, only better looking, and waking up at shorter intervals to feed myself and wreak havoc on the hapless mortals around me.

Yesterday, the husband promised to be by my side always, to lovingly tend to my every need, for all time. He couldn't take it for more than a day. I saw him click his heels together as he skipped off to work today, and I think he was whistling too.

But being ill puts life in perspective. You tend to become more philosophical. You know, how you never really appreciate the simple things in life until they are taken away from you? A sunny day, the song of a bird, the ability to retain what you have eaten for more than five minutes?

They say, when you are happy, you forget what it is to be sad and vice versa. I say, when you are ill, you forget what it is to be well and vice versa. And that's why, all you who are well today, probably have no clue what it feels like to be ill and are thinking that I am just making a big deal out of nothing. All I can say is, my time will come - you too will be very ill soon and will remember this then. Not that I wish you ill, it is just inevitable that it will happen.

Which brings me to another philosophical musing - the inevitability of it all. That dark day is not far away, when it all comes to an end. We can keep deluding ourselves about the meaning of life, but sometimes it just seems easier to give in to the hopelessness. The only thing that makes the ride more amusing is observing the Irony of Life. Irony is....pretty Ironic, sometimes.

'Scuse me. Feeling sicker now, for some reason. Bet you are too.


  1. You're funnier when you're well, but when you're ill it brings an interesting change of tone to your writing. Oh, okay then, get well soon.

  2. You must be wondering why your ubiquitous mother - I think that is supposed to apply to Uriah Heep, but somehow I rather liked the sound of it - has not posted her comments on any of your posts. The truth is - and this is in the strictest confidence, of course,- that I had developed a sort of inferiority complex, seeing how witty your posts and the comments of your friends are. Feeling a bit shy, as it were. However, I have finally picked up the courage to make a post and then wait with bated breath for the bouquets - or brickbats, as the case may be!! Just wanted to say, I love you very, and will always be your die-hard fan, along with your dear husband, who will never let you down. So, dont be morose, get back to your bright self and leave the philosophical musings till you are 64- and wear a purple dress. Am trying to compose a few lines in verse, inspired by the lyrical prowess of you and your friends. Shall post them when I do think of something. Till then, take care and snap out of it, lady.

  3. i agree with ur "mom" completely....humour suits u

  4. I like the way svety says 'mom' in quotes. that's right - that's not really my mother.


  5. ohhhhhh ... pore the duh duh ... just not well. hope you feel better soon.

    oh and i hope that your concern for michael jackson's nose has been brought on by the fever! why oh why else would you care?

    PS: if you're still feeling ill, call me and i'll sing to you.

  6. First you accuse me of being 'Anonymous' - most unfairly, as you discovered subsequently. Now, you are telling your friends I am not really your "Mom"! Fine then! Be like that! And GUSHY was equally for you and your friends. Besides, what happened to Freedom of Expression? It is my fundamental right! Inqalab Zindabad! So there!


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