Monday, January 30, 2012

Home Shifting

We have finally moved out of our old flat - which was a tiny two bedroom apartment - into a new flat - far, far more spacious.

Will post later about the actual housemoving process which was a lot of fun. But I am just so RELIEVED as of now with the new place.

Basically, we were a small family when we moved into our older flat 4 years ago - two of us working parents and one kid and a maid. Then the twins came along, Vijay's parents moved in, and net-net - suddenly there were EIGHT of us!

I once saw a sign on the door to the office of a famous psychiatrist ( I was interviewing her, NOT getting treatment, in case you're wondering - although there's no shame in therapy, ha ha) - which said ''Dr Anjali's Own Sacred Space''

I feel something similar about my own large room ( oh, there's a husband sharing it but that's a minor detail) - am thinking of putting up a sign that says

''Finally, Space for Mah Own Crap''.

Not the same, but similar.

*Breathes sigh of relief*


  1. Yayyy once again! Your posts are inspiring all these yyyyyys, Y! Good job. (We are thinking of geting our flat painted- the mind is boggling at the very thought. Moving house might just be simpler!)

  2. I hear ya! My husband has recently moved out of our bathroom and has started using the guest loo and my's sooooo liberating! I love the freedom of having my own loo. The perfect place for "mah crap"....punn totally intended....hehhe.


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