Friday, July 1, 2011


I had been planning to restring
my guitar for a while.
But I had just let it lie.
And then when I tried to play it today,
The E string broke.
The most important string.
It had been over two years since I'd changed my strings.
Which just goes to show how much I'd been playing.
I didn't even know if I could do it myself anymore.
I thought of calling in the expert.
But then I thought I'd give it a go myself.
So I dug out some new strings.
Also pretty old now, but at least still in their wrappers.
And tried to replace the E-string.
First, I wound it the wrong way.
Replaced it, struggled. Nearly poked my own eye out.
Managed to get it in place.
And then tried to tune it.
It snapped. Suddenly.
I almost gave up.
And then I picked out another one.
And tried again.
More carefully this time.
And then when I tried to tune it.
It kept slipping.
Back into a lower octave.
There was still something wrong.
But then suddenly, it was in tune with the rest of the strings.
The most perfect sound emanated from it.
Relief. Happiness.
Even though I knew it could still slip.
For the time being, it worked.
One down. Five more to go.
It would need constant retuning.
But I could do this.

I was just restringing my guitar.
If I was the poetic type, I might say
It felt like I was restringing my life.
But since I'm not.
I won't.


  1. That's just lovely, Yashodhara!
    A closet poet emerges:)

  2., no....really? Poetry and me, just a funny girl...


  3. you know, you actually tried giving me guitar lessons................don't remb if that was in school or college.............the only thing u did manage to teach me was E minor.............n am quite concerned that is the string u broke..............restring it now...........i might just come n perform an entire song on the only bit of ur or any guitar i know:)


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