Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Everybody's a Comedian

Yes, okay, so I posted one post 4 times - by MISTAKE. Are we done with that now? 'Kay!

I don't have much time to write at the current moment, so here are the highlights in the form of Quotes of the Week:

From Vijay:

(sauntering around the gym to look at his non-existent muscles, pauses while I'm panting away furiously on the exercycle, and asks with genuine interest) -

'Kahan pahunche, Bhai?'

From Y:

( while getting ready for work in the morning, responding to Vijay's question as to whether his new semi-formal look is working for him - said with the utmost delicacy) -

'Honey, Semi Formal doesn't really mean that your top half can be in a completely formal shirt and your bottom half in raggedy jeans'

From our driver, Vinod

(getting more confident about my driving skills, loosening his grip on the handbrake while I struggle through a massive traffic jam)

'First class, Madam. Bahut Accha chala rahin hai. Nikaliye. NIKALIYE, Na! Nikaliye-nikaliye-nikaliye - SAMBHALIYE! MIRROR! MIRROR BACHHAIYE!'

From the baby, Peanut:

(said with the most adorable tilt of the head as she looks up at me questioningly, with a lilt on the second syllable)


You had to be there for this one, I think. I was. And it was great. Vijay has been trying to get her to say 'Pa-pa' in the exact same tone ever since.


  1. Awwwww. I love Peanut. Can I please babysit her full-time?

  2. Now THAT's the kind of post I really LOVE! Brings me closer to you all.

    Not to say that the others aren't interesting, so don't get me wrong..

  3. :D

    i thought i will read the four previous posts laters! :p

    peanut it adorable!! Cubby says Papa in a similar singsong tone and for life of me i cant get him to say Mama!! you lucky woman!! hhrrmmppff!!

    the man and the driver have a sense of humour alright! :D



  4. i can imagine what vijay feels....when i ask my daughter to say appa, she looks at me adoringly as says 'am-ma'...ah, such is life

  5. Y wins over Vijay hands down...


  6. Ah - the mighty Tambindra has left a comment - truly you are blessed!

    The weekend is over. Over. Finished. Aaaarrggghhh.

  7. Awwwww! She's speaking?? Cho chweet!! And she said "Ma-ma"? My older one said "Pppppa-pppa" and the little one said "da-dda". Bah!

  8. ROTFL ! I love you. I love funny people. I am funny myself.

    lol more.


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