Sunday, August 19, 2007

Wanna Make Fransip?

I just lurve Orkut.

Why, you may ask. Oh, do, please.

I will tell you anyway.

Well, one of the main reasons is the 'Today's Fortune' message that I get when I log in. Such as:

- 'You will live to a ripe old age'
- ' When winter comes, heaven will rain success on you'

...and, of course, my personal favourite:

-'You and your wife will be very happy in your life together'

I never start my day without consulting Orkut for such useful and practical tips for daily living.

Apart from this, you get to see all sorts of interesting characters, who are out there, baring their souls. My sister swears she has seen one such character's profile, who had entered under his preferred choice of 'Cuisines' -''I have many - mausi ke ladke, mama ke ladkiyan...''- Being a rather generous soul, I am inclined to believe this was just somebody with a unique sense of humour, but my sister rolls her eyes, implying she thinks otherwise from having seen the whole profile.

My good friend Vani was lamenting the strange messages she was getting from various men on the site - until my other good friend Ganju asked me one day 'Who is this Vani friend of yours? She seems very interesting. She has put down that she is married, but also entered Dating as one of her reasons for being on Orkut'. When I suggested to Vani that this might be provide a clue as to why she has been getting propositioned so often, she looked rather confused and slightly embarassed.

Anyway, the point being that there are a lot of fascinatingly strange people out there - such as Vani - who are using Orkut.

Furthermore, Orkut proves that we are clearly a country of good looking, glamorous people. I have personally spotted dozens of men who look exactly like John Abraham and women who look exactly like Aishwarya Rai in their Orkut pictures. I was once tempted to become friends with such a person, who had sent me an invite. Unfortunately, his name on his user profile was something like:

'$-\ _O < ~ Happy Misery'

I had to reluctantly decline his invitation because I was sure that in the event we ever met, I would never be able to pronounce his first name correctly.

The other nice thing about Orkut is that you can demonstrate your feelings about people you admire, by becoming their fan. I have seven fans at last count. How sweet is that! Then I chanced upon my nephew's profile. He has a hundred and four fans.

So if you wanna make fransip with me, you can find me now - on Facebook.


  1. oohh... a non-peanut post. wonder of wonders!!! :)

  2. Haha! Totally agreed about Orkut! And Facebook totally rocks and I think its muuuuuch better than Orkut! :)

  3. hahaha - well done duh duh. i am a little miffed by the fact that my cover of anonymity is being blown to pieces by you and 'still searching'. but then being mentioned on y's blog is an honour in itself so i will try to stop complaining. but stop mocking good old vani - thanks to her "interesting" profile we are now friends!

  4. Yay! An old-ishtyle "Y" post, this... Yay!

  5. See you then. You can join the group "Orkut Refugees"!

  6. Oh i totally agree-I think Orkut lost half its "charm" when 80% of my nephews n nieces turned up there! I can take a 2 yr old calling me auntie but being hounded like this on a networking site! did i just call orkut a networking site? :)

  7. Y, NOW u know why I never joined orkut!!Congrats on the escape from the land of franships,fans and vellas!

  8. i just had to read this after you sms-ed! And so glad I am that you have, as reliably as ever before, exposed yet another embarrassing secret!! Thank you!!

    Thank you, Kunal for siding me!!

    And why must 'dating' be wrong anyway!! what's the whole idea of orkut, if one can't play a little with the outrageous!! Why would people want to limit its potential to show off how many idiot 'frans' they have.. or to post one line crap scraps...

    think i must edit my profile to include dating once again - and see what else it has to offer....

    Thank you for pointing it out... life can get back to being interesting again!! Yipeee!! :-)

  9. Oh no...another Orkut buff[:P]

    Peanut's adorable [:)]

  10. Mini: Indeed

    Still Searching: I don't actually know how to use Facebook yet. There seem to be all sort of weird things like Mardi Gras invitations, Pokes, etc. that people keep sending me. Still, no fransips...

    Ganju and Vani: You two deserve each other.

    Stuti, Sue, Dipali: Okay then!

    Quirky Quill: Exactly!

    Shilpa: Show off!

    Meirz: Ha ha and Thank you

  11. "like to have friendship with me? " is the horny man's on line cry for help... However the worst thing I ever read was " Hello I am gay. but after seeing you I want to be Bi. Hi! "

    I wanted to pluck my eyes out with sticks after reading that...


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