Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Summer Holiday Ramble

For the last twenty days or so, Peanut-Pickle-Papad have been goofing off at home. I can only thank my lucky stars that our help, who had gone away for a full five months, returned in April and manages the three of them deftly. I myself, no longer the sprightly young woman that I used to be, simply lie around with an ice-pack on my head as she chases the three of them around the house.

I've been busier than usual over the last couple of months with a marketing consulting assignment having been added to my plate. It offers a fair degree of flexibility, but in a connected world, you're never really switched off. Still, I'm managing fine. My yoga teacher, an excellent young woman named Apoorva, often asks me to slow down, stay in the present moment and all that other cool yoga-type stuff which works well for a while and then I forget and then she reminds me the next week. So that's cool.

I had taken on piano lessons along with Peanut a couple of months ago and am valiantly keeping at those, although I don't get to practice as much as I'd like ( damn, I should go and do it right now) and therefore I'm not progressing at the rate that I should. However, it's a big high for me learning how to read music; I couldn't manage it when I last fancifully took guitar lessons a couple of years ago. However, a year of coaching Peanut and cheering her along before I started my own lessons meant that I'm reasonably up to speed with Piano theory. Practicals, yeah, not so much. But the other day I managed to play Beethoven's Choral Symphony Theme (it's easier than it looks but what the hell!) - I had played something composed by Beethoven. Take that! It really felt good.

Peanut is doing very well under her new teacher ( yes: we shifted schools, more on that another time) and is jumping Grade 1 completely and moving straight to Grade 2- and that too, of the more strenuous Royal School of Music, which I am told is for the more 'serious students'. Well, she's not serious about the Piano, but it seems to have just become a natural part of her everyday routine ( Ahem: okay so maybe I've forced it into being natural but never mind). The other night, I was feeling a little creeped out about some sounds that the A/C was making. I cuddled closer to Peanut, who put her arm around my neck and in her sleep, murmured 'Bye Mama.'

'Bye?' I said, feeling even more creeped out.

'Mama.' She said, changing tack, eyes still closed. 'Listen.'

Her tone was serious and I held my breath. She continued 'You have to play it like this - looong-short, loong-short loong-short.'

It took me a second but then I realized what she was taking about. Our piano teacher had instructed her to play the bass portion of the Mickey Mouse March, a duet we were doing for fun with a slight 'swing...looong-short, looong-short'. A couple of days later, my daughter was still dreaming about it. It was so ridiculous and cute that I lay back and guffawed with laughter.

Peanut giggled too, still fast asleep and then urged me 'Shhhh...Mama...Shhhh' and was quiet for the rest of the night. She had no recollection of it the next day and still thinks I'm making it up.

So anyway, the Piano and Yoga goes on. We're doing vocal lessons too - Peanut and me - which is fun too although this is one thing I never get to practice during the week, unlike piano, yoga which is fairly often even though not for as long as I'd like. The Zumba is restricted to the weekends. Work assignment involves a few hours in office a few days a week, and I'm working on a third book. Haven't been to the Happy School in a while, but they've anyway closed for summers now. It's a full schedule but that's nice for now. The kids are keeping each other busy, and this is why I recommend that three is a good number for children. One is fun, Hum Do Hamare Do. But my slogan is - after one P, have two more and see. Okay, now I know that's a really bad one. All three kids are into Taekwondo and they love the swimming pool we have here. And as of two days ago, there are some summer activities that have started up in the colony for 2 hours each day by parent volunteers, so hopefully that should keep them busy too. Which reminds me. I'm doing voluntary Zumba for the kids on Thursday. Ack! No songlist yet.

Rambly post this is, but then it's a rambly life too.
And how's Summer going for you?
(Poetic today, aren't I?)


  1. OMG! And here I am stressed out with ferrying around the brat just to his guitar and basketball classes. Whew! your list is already making me tired, I need a tall glass of lemonade now to cool off:-) But, keep it up Mommy. You have the energy of let's say....4 year old on candy before the slump hits!


  2. How in the world do you do all this???? The mind boggles!

  3. Hi Y,
    I have been lurking around in the shadows for a long time now and religiously reading your every single post. I love how you keep yourself busy despite of 3 kids. It is really inspiring. Don't you feel stressed or tired or like you are constantly doing/thinking things? How do you prioritize? I like your ramblings.


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