Monday, April 9, 2012

What Every Breastfeeding Mother Should Know that there IS hope and at sometime you WILL be able to quit.

I mentioned sometime earlier that I have really valued being able to breastfeed. And yet, was so, so, SO ready to quit. Peanut had been talked to about the need to quit when she was almost 2.5 - the twins are not even two yet and I had had ENOUGH.

And so I tapped into various resources, all forms of advice - and nothing worked.

Finally, some advice from unexpected quarters did.

The unexpected quarters were my maids - Anita and Mala.

The advice was...

Wait for it...

Nail polish.

Yes, you read me right. In my case, bright red Elle 18 with some sparkles which had been lying unused and unopened in my cupboard drawer for several years.

Therefore, all you ladies out there - fear not! Cower not in fright at the thought of the impending wailing, screaming, resistance and sleepless's not as bad as it seems. Like with everything else - you've just got to listen to dem folks at Nike and Just- Do-It-types. I had to share this. It's important information dissemination. For the public good.

And yeahhhh! After feeding three babies continuously for almost four years now, I've got my body back!

I will celebrate by...sleeping.

Therefore, Goodnight.

Mutters to self as turns in...Genius, sheer Genius.


  1. So what did you do with the nail polish? ( Of course, I may be particularly dumb, but I am seriously intrigued.)

  2. Dipali!

    Applied the nail polish to relevant places!

    And told the children Mama had got hurt and showed them proof!

    They were most concerned. And then dangerously close to figuring it out. But three days consistent application and it worked!

  3. A friend of mine actually applied karela paste and told her daughter that the milk has gone bad. She insisted on trying and viola! Never again :P

  4. Ah! Totally devious and totally efficient. Hope it didn't irritate the relevant places:)


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