Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ek Good News, Ekk Bad News...

First, the Good news:

Pickle yesterday said his first FOUR-SYLLABLE WORD!!

(Yayyyy! Taaaliyaaan! Mera Laadla...Boy Genius...Child Prodigy....)

Now, the Bad News:

The word was.... Kolaveri



  1. Hahah!! You are so funny Y....

    My dad tells me when I was a year old I was in calcutta and my first word was "maarbo" which means "will hit you" :P

  2. first word only have blog/tweet/memory value.

    my mom says that the first multi syllabled word i spoke was 'eagle' which i picked up from some random conversation involving an eagle vaccum flask.

    we we gotta keep the kids away from are the four letter words of the other kind.feels bad when see small kids use them.

  3. Absolutely nothing wrong with kolaveri!!!! Way to go, Pickle!!!!
    I do remember my chacha trying to teach my young cousin to say shakkarkandi. The boy could manage two syllables each separately, but couldn't say all four together. I wonder when he did that!

  4. Congratulations! Does he pronounce it right? My toddler calls it kolababy! :-)

  5. lol! I think the kolaveri has come to stay for a while :|


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