Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Questionable Exchange

Vijay: 'So Peanut also has to have a vaccination today, apart from the twins?'

Y: 'Didn't I tell you that already last night?'

Vijay: 'Which one does she have to have?'

Y: 'Arrey, Chickenpox only. It's at four years and one year. What else?'

Vijay: 'What time is the appointment?'

Y: 'Ten forty five. How many times do I have to tell you the same thing?'

Vijay: 'You think she'll actually get the vaccination?'

Y: 'Do we have a choice in the matter?'

Vijay: 'Have you noticed you're being a little snappy?'

Y: 'Have you noticed this entire conversation is in questions?'

Vijay ( tuneless singing) 'Mama is a'

Y (annoyed even more than before) 'What are you doing, Vijay?'

Vijay: 'I'm just breaking out of the questioning mode. (Continues to sing) Mama is a'

And yes, we had quite a day. Chickenpox vaccinations for three small children, and plus the treatment of 2 cavities for young Peanut.

I'm amazed I can spend a Saturday like this and feel so happy about it.



  1. An exchangeable question: How'd it go with the dentist?

  2. You guys are just too cute! I hope all went well.


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